Frequently Asked Questions

What are semi-permanent eyelash extensions? They are individual, tapered, synthetic or natural fiber lashes attached to a single natural lash with a special adhesive.

How long do they last? The extensions should last as long as your natural eyelashes last.  You will need a touchup within 3 weeks to be able to maintain a full look.  Some clients may need to come every 2 weeks if their lashes grow/shed faster.

Will they damage my natural lashes?No. But, wearing extensions that are too long and/or heavy can damage natural lashes.  At Lash & Body Fantasy, we want you to maintain healthy natural eyelashes so you can wear your beautiful extensions forever!

Does it hurt?No. In fact, many clients fall asleep during the appointment. The extensions do not touch the skin when they are done properly, so the risk of irritation is reduced significantly.

Can I wear mascara with them?There really is no need to wear mascara.  The extensions will add length and volume to your lashes.  Never use waterproof mascara on eyelash extensions.

Can I swim with them? Yes! Unlike mascara, or other false lashes, you can swim and your lashes will still look longer, fuller, and gorgeous after getting wet.

What if I want them removed? Do not pick or pull them off!  Do not attempt to remove them yourself!  You must have a trained professional remove them with a specially formulated adhesive remover.  We offer this service at Lash & Body Fantasy.

Do you do touchups from other lash salons? Yes, however, if your lashes are not in optimal condition, you will need a removal first, and a Full Set afterwards.

Do you work before or after hours? Yes. At the stylist’s discretion, she may come in early or stay late to lash you. There is a non-negotiable fee of $30/30 minutes.

What about allergic reactions? It is possible to develop an irritation or an allergic reaction to the adhesive, which can cause itchy, red or swollen eyelids. Just like any other cosmetic product, including hair dye, make up, perfumes, creams, nail polish or false nails, there is a risk of an irritation or an allergic reaction to lash extensions or the aadhesive used to apply them.**If you have ever had an allergic reaction to acrylic nails, Cyanoacrylate, adhesives, synthetics, super glue or even medical grade liquid sutures you may not be able to have eyelash extensions applied!**

What should I look for when choosing a lash stylist? Proper training, experience and UNFILTERED, CLOSE-UP PICTURES OF THEIR OWN CLIENTS! You may not be able to ascertain if they have proper training, or experience, but you should look at dozens of pictures before you let them near your eyes! Many “stylists” are damaging lashes on a daily basis due to lack of training and experience. PLEASE DON’T BE FOOLED BY A CHEAPER PRICE or a Photoshopped picture! All of our clients’ Before and After pictures are UNFILTERED and close up! No stolen/stock internet pictures here!!

Salon Etiquette: Please be on time, as appointments start and end on time, every time! And turn your phone on silent. Come with eye make up completely removed, and bring your glasses if you wear them.


·       Waiting more than 4 weeks between appointments will generally require another full set appointment.  Please be on time to your appointment!  Your appointment time starts and ends at the time you booked, so if you’re late there will be less time to apply lashes, but you must still pay for the full appointment time you booked.

·       Please come with ALL eye-makeup removed. Extra time taken to clean your lashes wastes your lashing time.

·       Please do not drink coffee or heavily caffeinated drinks before your appointment.  The caffeine will make your eyelids “fluttery”, making it very difficult or impossible to apply lashes properly.