Welcome To Lash & Body Fantasy

Lash & Body Fantasy came to Snellville in 2013 to beautify one woman at a time!

Lash & Body Fantasy is, on the surface, a salon that beautifies women; but if you look a little deeper, you will experience a welcoming escape from reality. We specialize in semi-permanent eyelash extensions. We offer our clients more than just a beautiful set of eyelashes. Our clients save time with their morning routine and walk around with their heads held high because of how wearing the extensions makes them feel. You can look amazing, shave a few minutes from your beauty regimen, and smile from the inside out! Each client is special to us, and we treat them as such!

Other services such as teeth whitening, permanent makeup, scalp micropigmentation, waxing, and more to come! Your one stop beauty shop in Snellville, GA!

About Us

That’s a little about what we do. Now on to who we are!

Barbie is a serial entrepreneur, who loves to uplift women and enrich their self-esteem and self worth through beauty. With a background in the medical field as a Registered Nurse, Barbie has a passion for melding the client experience with the comfort of knowing that you’re getting an experienced and well-informed professional at your service! Barbie is also an permanent makeup artist and esthetician and uses all of her knowledge to enhance your visit at Lash & Body Fantasy! Her clients trust that they are in the best hands! In addition, Barbie is a Certified Lash Educator and at the helm of Lash & Body Fantasy Academy!

Two is better than one sometimes, right? In this case, absolutely! Barbie and her sister, Carmen, are twins! They occasionally tag team to bring a client a double dose of beauty and fun!

Carmen is awesome! She loves coming to Lash & Body Fantasy and welcome her clients with open arms. She’s a real beauty queen (with a couple of crowns)! She puts her degree in Administrative Management to use in a managerial role. Thankfully, she found her calling at Lash & Body Fantasy! As a licensed esthetician, Carmen thrives on giving her clients the full breadth of her knowledge about how they can improve their appearance.

But truthfully, it’s more than just that. These women really care. They care about your lash health, your family, your last vacation, when you’re having a bad day, if you got the promotion you were hoping for, etc. They care about the client as a whole. It’s even fair to say that Barbie and Carmen love their clients. And their clients love them! Listen to the video testimonials on this site, and read the reviews on Facebook, etc.

Call, stop by, check us out on social media and get to know the women of Lash & Body Fantasy for yourself! You’ll be glad you did!

Meet Our Team